Multirooming: Generating e-satisfaction throughout omnichannel consumer journey design and online customer experience.

The objective of this research is to analyze how omnichannel consumer journey design (OCJD)
influences the online customer experience (OCE) and e-satisfaction in consumers’ multirooming
behavior (searching for information in online and offline channels and purchasing the product online).

The article was written by the following Associate Professors at Jaume I University: Miguel Angel Moliner Tena and Vicent Tortosa-Edo.

The problem-solving theory and experiential marketing perspective are the theoretical background that enables the establishment of five hypotheses. A survey is conducted on multiroomers who had purchased a product online, following an online and offline research journey.
The results showed that OCJD directly and indirectly (through online consumer experience)
influences e-satisfaction. Females and younger individuals exhibited higher levels of e-satisfaction.
The two main academic contributions of this paper are:

  • First, this research analyzes consumers’ multichannel search strategies.
  • Second, the consumer journey is incorporated into the study of multichannel retailing. Third, an emergent typology of cross-channel free-riding behavior is analyzed: multirooming.

The original version of the article is in the journal digital platform:

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